Bringing the customs value of goods

The proof of the customs value is the collection and execution of documents confirming the price of the goods being transported. Customs value is the basis for the calculation of customs payments, so it is especially carefully checked by customs officials. Attempts to deliberately understate them lead to financial and criminal liability. Employees of customs authorities have the right not to accept the customs value declared in the documents, which often leads to an increase in customs payments. The procedure for the rejection of the customs value declared by the declarant is called "adjustment of the customs value". It has caused many unclosed or failed agreements at the interstate level.

Definition and methods of calculating the customs value of goods.

In accordance with the Customs Code of Ukraine, the customs value of goods transiting through the customs border of Ukraine is the value of goods used for customs purposes, based on the price actually paid or payable for these goods. Information on the customs value of the goods is used, among other things, for the calculation of customs payments and the calculation of the tax liability determined by the results of documentary verification. That is, the declaration of the customs value and its proof is one of the main indicators of predictability and successfulness of the import operation. Our employees are very responsible for the preliminary analysis of all shipping documents when importing the first consignment. It is important to have the necessary documentary evidence of all, without exception, numerical components of the customs value of the goods. If necessary, we prepare recommendations for the development of a package of additional documents such as catalogs, price lists, information from open sources of the Internet, expert conclusions about the level of market value of identical and similar goods, and others.
The Customs Code of Ukraine defines an exhaustive list of documents and grounds, which may be requested by additional information on this subject. We are ready to defend your interests in this area.
It should be noted that the actual situation in checking the correctness of declaring customs value is somewhat different from the procedures prescribed in the regulations and more depends on the size of the declared customs value in comparison with the digital values in Ukraine. Therefore, from time to time there are situations of adjustment of customs value.
To avoid delays in customs clearance FEA many participants agree with the decision on the adjustment of customs value, and this, in turn, can make the most profit and import operations further complicate the project. We believe that adjusted customs value must be fought. Moreover, the legislation has the declarant sufficiently broad rights in this matter
. The enforcement of the rights of the importer begins at the stage of submission of the customs declaration.
The most reliable way to "protect" the customs value is to file uncontested documents in its proof.
In case of receiving the request of the customs authority to provide additional documents for confirming the cost of goods - to professionally prepare and provide legally based additional documents in a timely manner, and knowledge of the procedural features of the process of bringing the declared customs value in practice in practically all cases allows to prevent any adjustment of the customs value and leave the amount of customs pledges at the previous level.
In the case of adjusting the customs value - not to agree with the customs authority established the amount of customs value and to declare goods in
accordance with Art. 55 of the Customs Code of Ukraine with the subsequent legal proof of the level of declared customs value.
As an additional legally significant document, use the Conclusions of authorized expert institutions on the level of market value of goods, to receive them independently on behalf of our partners.
Our company has a large experience of repeated and successful customs clearance procedures for our partners.
Learn more about how to correctly calculate the custom value and custom fees of our company specialists.
The Interservice Logistics Company specializes in protecting the economic interests of our partners, including the customs clearance of import cargo.

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