Our Сompany employs highly qualified specialists only with many years of experience and deep systematic knowledge of the customs legislation.

Providing a high level of the comprehensive service to our customers, we do not allow ourselves to stay for a minute.

Taking into account the current state of the affairs at the present stage of state building, which is accompanied by the constant changes in legislation and reforms of the state bodies, our team regularly takes an active part in new regulatory acts draft discussion; we make suggestions on how to improve the mechanisms for the application of certain norms and requirements of the legislation.

Reliability, responsibility, honesty

Our Сompany sets best leg foremost to provide our customers with the stable quality and the reliable service.

We always try to be a client-oriented team and make every effort to fulfill the tasks set by our partners in a predictable, qualitative and timely manner.

We appreciate the value of our Сompany's customers as a reliable partner in all, without exception, both complex and everyday affairs. Our principle of cooperation is to go together to the victory!

We are always honest with our partners. Understanding all responsibility for the economic result of any transaction, we frankly evaluate the prospects and offer the best ways to solve them.

We do not promise the impossible, but we will do everything that depends on us to get the most profitable result.


We are responsible for the issues of non-disclosure of the commercial and personal information of our partners. In this regard, the customer information is as closed as possible.

We guarantee that no information regarding our customer' external economic operations will be known to any third parties, and especially to the competitors.

We respect the right of our clients to be confidential, therefore, we always agree on the opportunity of using that or the other document in the work, especially in terms of production technology and product composition.

In our work, we pay great attention to the technical protection of information, the company's network is protected, as far as possible, from third-party intervention.

Individual approach, customer orientation

When processing our clients’ requests, the company tries to provide an individual approach in each individual case.

We have employees as much as possible psychologically compatible with our clients who thoroughly work out the tasks and offer the most optimal result.

The employees of the Сompany are fully responsible for fulfilling the tasks to achieve the goals set by our partners.

Our Сompany also pays great attention to the effective team work, during which each employee performs an individual task to get the excellent results in the most demanding terms.