Ukrainian Classification of Goods in foreign economic activity

If there were only several types of goods made in each country, there would be no special need for any special nomenclature of goods. The economy functioning of almost all the countries involves import and export of thousands of different types of goods, as well as the availability of a system that allows unequivocally to take measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation of customs clearance of certain goods. That is why the Ukrainian Classification of Goods of External Economic Activity was created.

Today's customs authorities focus on checking the product code correctness in accordance with the Ukrainian Classification of Goods of External Economic Activity, the reliability of the descriptive information for the purposes of classification, the completeness of taxation.

Customs broker is a professional customs relationship participant in the field of customs declaration, mostly prepared to provide services and assistance in this matter. Again and again for the purposes of classification, our employees had to become the chemists, physicists, engineers, technologists and agrarians. The code determination requires a deep knowledge in many areas of life. In order to determine the good code, you should have a clear information: - What is this product? - What is it made from? - What is it used for? - In what form is it used? - Is this the only possible place in the classifier of goods?

Any kind of real commodity can be attributed to a certain classification group of the harmonized system. Unclassified goods do not exist. At the same time, there is a risk that without a thorough and professional analysis of the classification of that or the other product and taking into account the difference in taxation in case of controversy on the issue of assigning a good to a particular code of Ukrainian Classification of Goods in External Economic Activity, in the future the subject of external economic activity may be faced with the problem of additional accrual of the customs payments and, accordingly, with penalties.

Understanding all the responsibility, our team always comes up comprehensively to the issues of code determination due to Ukrainian Classification of Goods in External Economic Activity and the formation of the product description. To do this, we use all available sources of information, including the classification decisions data-base of Ukraine, European Union, World Customs Organization, and others.

Taking all of this into account, our professional team will provide a reliable process to identify the product code and will solve the complex and non-standard situations that arise during the customs clearance process.