Country of origin of goods. Certificates of origin

The current development of world production and trade actualizes the problem of clear rules development to determine the origin of goods; that is, finding out the country or regional integration group in which the goods were produced. This is due to the fact that the rapid technological changes taking place in the areas of information technology, telecommunications, transport infrastructure enable the end-product manufacturers to attract resources from the most remote countries where there are more skilled or cheap labor, unique or cheaper raw materials, materials and components. In fact, for today almost all the products offered on the world market are produced in several countries. The intensification of the global market resources usage for the national production, as well as the internationalization of the logistics schemes lead to the possibility to pass by the tariff and other barriers in trade that are applied by the governments to the imported into the country goods. Thus, the liberalization of the exchange with products, raw materials and components between the countries complicates the procedures for determining the origin of goods, as well as the application of a wide range of trade policy instruments to the other countries. It is these factors that caused the need for the development and the use of international rules for determining the origin of goods.

The importance of rules for determining the origin of goods for both Ukraine and its trading partners is related to the necessity of state regulation of the status of the domestic market, foreign trade and implementation of the trade policy of the country as a whole. The trade policy of many countries carries out measures, the application of which requires a clear determination of the country of origin. According to the WTO rules, such measures of the national governments include:

  • Compensatory and anti-dumping duties;
  • Emergency protection against import;
  • Quantitative restrictions, including tariff quotas;
  • Control over the correct use of marks or labels indicating the country of origin;
  • Settlement of trade disputes through the corresponding WTO mechanism.
In case when a country is a member of a preferential trade agreement, its government should be sure that the preferential or zero customs duties are applied to the countries to which the agreed preferences prevail. This requires a confirmation that the imported goods have been wholly or substantially transformed in a country that is a part of a preferential grouping.

It is not a secret how important is the documentary evidence of certain indicators that are crucial to obtain certain privileges and preferences provided by both Ukraine and other countries when paying the national customs payments. Our employees will help you to understand the modern variety of benefits and preferences in accordance with the various intergovernmental agreements and, accordingly, it is absolutely lawful to take advantage of the right to reduce the amount of customs duties when importing goods and to sell your products for export more profitable.

We will help you to conduct a preliminary analysis of the criteria for a sufficient processing in terms of determining the country of origin of goods and obtain the necessary documents for the verification of the country of origin:

  • Certificate of origin of goods СТ-1 forms for export to the CIS countries
  • Certificate for goods transportation EUR.1 forms
  • Certificate of origin of goods "A" form within the framework of the General System of Preferences (EU countries, Japan, Turkey).

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