Obtaining the status of an authorized (approved) exporter

Within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement implementation concluded by Ukraine with European Union, the EFTA countries and Montenegro, for exporting companies one of the possible competitive advantages is to obtain the status of an authorized (approved) exporter.

If you export your own production and/or the product of the other Ukrainian producers for more than 1 year on an ongoing basis, maybe it is high time to become an authorized (approved) exporter?!

The advantage of using the status of an authorized (approved) exporter is that, in order to obtain the tariff preferences, a Ukrainian exporter of goods without issuing a EUR.1 certificate for transportation and customs involvement, independently declares the origin of the goods on the commercial documents. This can significantly accelerate the procedure of products export, add trust to the company as a reliable partner and improve the logistics capabilities of the enterprise.

The status of the authorized (approved) exporter is provided by the customs authorities on the basis of the submitted documents confirming the Ukrainian preferential origin of goods in accordance with the requirements of national legislation and interstate agreements.

Our specialists will conduct a preliminary analysis on compliance with the requirements of the legislation on the criteria for sufficient processing to determine the country of origin of your products; they will help to form the whole package of the necessary documents and organize the advisory support for the procedure to obtain the status of authorized (approved) exporter.

We are always ready to answer your questions on the practical implementation of the provisions of the interstate Agreements in terms of obtaining the status of an authorized (approved) exporter.